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GippsTAFE was successful with two projects in the latest round of funding under the National VET E-Learning Strategy. These projects will be conducted during the 2012 – 2013 financial year.

The successful projects are:

Learning for Employment

This project is in the pre-vocational stream and involves the design, delivery and evaluation of an innovative program for 10–15 young learners with disabilities in South Gippsland, Victoria. Participants will develop skills with mobile technologies (iPhones and iPads) and e-portfolios (Mahara) for living and working, gaining credit towards three units in Certificate 1 in Transition Education.

Education Support a Pathway to Teaching

This project is in the pathways to higher qualifications stream. GippsTAFE and Monash University have agreed on a pathway for students who have completed the GippsTAFE Diploma in Education Support that allows them to progress to a degree in primary education at Monash University.

This project will develop a delivery model for the Diploma in Education Support that moves away from traditional paper based workbooks towards innovative technologies such as e-portfolios, mobile technologies, online discussion and reflective blogs.