Project Team

 Malcolm Jolly  Team Leader – Innovation Department  
 Hi I’m Malcolm and I am in the very fortunate position to have the responsibility for managing this project.  As an educator combined with my role as Team Leader – Innovation, I am always interested in exploring and using technology for building student engagement. This project with its emphasis on literacy and numeracy is particularly exciting.  It is targeting youth who have often become disenfranchised with education.  Over time we would like to think that we can contribute to improving their skills which can flow onto improved employment opportunities.This is the start of another stimulating educational journey and not a destination in itself.
 Natasha Hunt  GETT Centre Training Co-ordinator  Natasha Hunt
 As the Training Co-ordinator for the GETT Centre I have the responsibility for working closely with the teaching staff.  I directly support and encourage them to be open to trying new teaching initiatives, particularly those that may include adopting new technologies.  In addition, I liaise closely with a range of community organisations acting as a conduit for assisting our learners to transition into employment and/or community activities .  A major contribution I provide to this project is to act as a sounding board, assist with solving any of the daily issues and contributing to the overall running of the program.I have a personal interest in the use of mobile devices for learning, and feel that a project such as this has the potential, over time, to assist with improving the literacy and numeracy capabilities of the disengaged youth we work with.
 Michael Duncan  Team Leader – GETT Centre  Michael Duncan
 As the GETT Centre Team Leader I see the Wirelessly Connecting Youth for Future Successprogram as a great opportunity to test a variety of resources in settings that may be more appropriate for our current and potential students. It is hoped that this will improve their engagement in education. Traditionally, ‘hands on’ learning meant that students would use shovels, power tools and paint brushes.  This project and its use of mobile technologies will take the meaning of “hands on” to a whole new dimension.  In collaboration with various partners this project seeks to engage some of Gippsland’s disengaged youth in a variety of new and exciting ways.  The majority of students enjoy using technology; it provides them with opportunities to overcome or work around barriers they may have.  I am excited to see how using mobile technologies can subtly influence student engagement levels particularly in the area of literacy and numeracy. 
 Tanya Joiner  Project Officer  Tanya Joiner
 Hi, I’m Tanya Joiner the Project Officer for the exciting Partnership for Participation Wirelessly Connecting Youth for Future SuccessiPad Project. This will require me liaising very closely with GippsTAFE’s Innovation Department, the GETT Centre, learners and other groups.  I’ve had the privilege to work with youth of various backgrounds for almost 15 years.  In that time I have learnt how to actively communicate with young people and support them in achieving their goals.   That’s why I find this project to be so valuable in the process of enabling students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to succeed, especially in the area of literacy and numeracy. So far, students have participated in the online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment using iPads.  The purpose of the assessment is to establish which areas students require further assistance.  For example, out of the 50 students being assessed, 70% may have scored low in comprehension.  My job would be to find an application (using the Apple iPad 2) that could assist students in improving their comprehension skills.  After the students have trialed the app, they then get to evaluate its usefulness, creativity, what was good / bad about it.  This information will be collated and presented to the governing bodies of the project.  In addition we will then work with the teachers assisting them to come up with different teaching strategies that better suit the use of mobile devices.To date I have had lots of positive feedback from the students especially those who have never used this type of technology before.  Apart from learning new things about the students and the iPad 2, I’ve found the project to be an extremely useful and constructive way of applying technology within the classroom and engaging students. 
 Darryl Wood  GETT Centre Teacher  Daryl Wood

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