Designing an engaging OHS site for Blackboard

Recently apprentices at GippsTAFE were introduced to OHS training through a new TAFEVC Blackboard site. But prior to Dale Duncan of the Innovation Dept.  building the site a great deal of research, planning, storyboarding and discussion took place to determine the nature, structure and functionality of the site. Some of the key features of the site’s design inlude:

  • Providing a comprehensive introduction to the unit overall and then to each topic.  This creates for learners confidence in how to successfully negotiate the materials, including: what they should be learning, how long each topic should take and how to use the site’s navigation
  • The use of an interactive guide called Andy who pops up regularly to: introduce content, add further information or define new terms
  • Using the Learning Modules functionality to create a table of contents menu for each topic
  • Designing and embedding interactive animations that divide up the content into interactive components within a page, thus making content sequential,  manageable and delivered at each learners’ pace
  • Designing other animations that help students to confirm their learning through drag and drop and sorting exercises prior to formal assessment
  • Employing Selective Release criteria to ensure that students complete assessments in the correct order and only at the conclusion of each topic
  • A  common design scheme was introduced throughout the site. Consistent use of navigation and design devices such as colour,  format of interactive elements and content chunking
  • Layout of materials based on an idea per page basis thus avoiding excessive scrolling and ensuring a consistent constructivist approach.
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