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The Project
Online Photo-Sharing was introduced to a group of Painting and Decorating Apprentices at GippsTAFE to allow them to document their experiences by taking photos of work they were engaged in while in the work place and at TAFE. This provided a platform for them to share their experiences with their teachers, employer and fellow students and engage in discussion relating to the tasks.

Using Online Photo-Sharing in this way enhanced the learning experience for the apprentices by:

  • Reducing the need to repeat tasks that have already been completed in the workplace
  • Sharing and discussing activities with their teacher and fellow apprentices

Three teachers and 43 students were involved in this project.

Support Documents
Part of the project included developing support documentation to assist teachers to use Online Photo-Sharing with their students. Click here to access these documents.

Online Photo-Sharing at conVerge11
Davin Nicholas (GippsTAFE Painting & Decorating) and Lynn Huguenin (GippsTAFE Innovation) will be presenting a session on this project at conVerge11 called Snap upload collaborate! Click here to access the presentation.