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QR codes are those strange squares of encoded information that are often seen on newspapers and are increasingly popping up in all sorts of unexpected places. These codes can link you to a website or to some predetermined text. Using a smart phone all you then need to do is to take a photo of the qr codeĀ  using an application such as NeoReader to interpret the code.

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The potential for this type of encoded information is as yet not fully explored especially in an educational setting; virtual or otherwise. Over the coming months the Innovation Dept. will be exploring with teachers the potential for this technology. So far ideas that have surfaced include labelling sites and tools in the workshop, allowing students to source in-depth information immediately as they might need it. Another suggestion was that the Innovation staff’s coffee preferences might be recorded in a qr code, printed and posted by the door….well let’s see what happens from here. Stay tuned.

Of course others in education have also been exploring their use Michael Bromby has made some interesting investigations especially regarding the use of a free QR code generator, short URL and tracking service. Youtube has a video with 37 uses for QR codes… many could be applied to an educational purpose?…..well I guess that will be up to all of our collective imaginations.