Over 70 staff from Monash and GippsTAFE attended the eLearning Forum held on Thursday, 21 February 2013 at the Switchback Gallery, Monash University, Gippsland Campus. Our two very important themes for the day were centred around assessment and student engagement within the online environment. The Forum was aimed at sharing ideas about online delivery, highlighting innovation in the development of online assessments, showcasing good teaching practice, and providing networking opportunities for staff from both organisations.

We have collected most of the presentations given on the day and provide them here for you to view.


Morning session:  Theme – Designing relevant online assessment

 Afternoon session:  Theme – Engaging students online



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The GippsTAFE Innovation Department recently attended the online learning conference conVerge12. The very successful project Making the Most of Moodle, which was part of the GippsTAFE eLearning Grant for 2012, was featured at this conference.

Click here to view the presentation.

The GippsTAFE Table at the Showcase.

ePortfolios in Mahara

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Recently GippsTAFE staff members attended a training session to introduce them to the use of Mahara ePortfolios. The session focussed on  the use of ePortfolios as a way for students to gather evidence of their skills and  experiences and present this for the purpose of Recognition of Prior Learning assessments or to document tasks undertaken by apprentice or trainees in the work place.

The concept of creating views that could be used as templates for specific purposes was also discussed as well as how to use ePortfolios as evidence of engagement for auditing purposes.

Staff were encouraged to create their own ePortfolio as a way of exploring the tool and its application to their individual teaching needs.

The presentation for these sessions can be found at:
Introducing Mahara Presentation

A webinar for a group of students was also conducted. During the webinar students were shown how to:

  •  Add information to their Mahara profile
  • Complete their online resume
  • Upload files
  • Create and share views

A recording of the webinar can be found at:
Webinar recording

The major focus of this project will be the use of mobile technologies.

Members of the project team have been busy working on different aspects of this project:

  • Lynn attended a webinar organised by the ACE network called Using iPads to enhance teaching and learning. The focus of this presentation was the need to get students using iPads to create digital objects and then combine these into a project rather than just using these tools as a way to access the internet. Click here to access the recording.
  • Lisa is investigating the toolbox Basic Skills in the Cybercentre and is liaising with Yooralla to discuss the specific requirements of the potential participants to ensure this program will meet individual needs
  • Malcolm has discussed promotion of the program with the GippsTAFE Marketing Department
  • Paul suggested the use of the app Scene Speak with this cohort, unfortunately this is not a free app

E-Learning Strategy

This project will use an e-learning strategy that involves the inclusion of specific weekly tasks for students to complete in the online space (GippsTAFE Online – Moodle). It is intended that these tasks will be building blocks for the students as they work towards their final assessments for each unit. Students will be encouraged to complete the tasks with specified time frames to ensure that collaborative activities, such as forums, function in a successful manner. This strategy is based on Gilly Salmon’s model which uses E-tivities to enhance online participation.

A document was prepared for use by the project team and teachers that listed Moodle Resources and Activities including a short description of each so that they can begin planning. Teachers were also referred to the, very useful, Moodle Guide for Teachers.

eLearning Forum

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Recently GippsTAFE, in partnership with Monash University, conducted an eLearning Forum at the GippsTAFE Academy in Traralgon. The forum was a face to face event and was attended by over 80 people. While many of the audience came from GippsTAFE and Monash Universtiy it was a pleasure to welcome participants from a range of organisations including secondary colleges, other TAFE colleges and private industry. The forum was the latest event in the joint professional development series organised by Monash University and GippsTAFE’s Innovation Department.

The eLearning Forum featured speakers from GippsTAFE and Monash University along with an extended workshop with internationally recognised eLearning expert Professor Gilly Salmon, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Swinburne University of Technology.

Below is a summary of the various session conducted during the day:

Mitch Hughes  (Lead Educational Designer, Monash Virtual Learning Environment Program)

During this session Mitch explored the diversity of teaching approaches within Monash University and demonstrated a range of techniques a teacher can use to make their online teaching platform, in this case Moodle 2, more engaging for their students.

Mitch Hughes Presentation

Samantha Garrett (Business Analyst, Google Product Specialist, eSolutions, Monash University)

Samantha discussed the use of Google Apps as a way to enhance online communication and collaboration. She demonstrated how Google Apps can be used in the classroom.

Samantha Garrett Presentation

Brad Beach (Manager, Innovation and International Programs GippsTAFE)

Brad’s presentation highlighted the key criteria to consider when selecting a synchronous elearning environment. He also discussed critical aspects of planning and designing a virtual classroom session and provided an understanding of the types of learning activities which are most suited to a synchronous environment as opposed to an asynchronous space.

Brad Beach Presentation

Professor Gilly Salmon (Pro Vice-Chancellor, Learning Transformations, Swinburne University of Technology)

Gilly’s presentation was in two parts. The first part looked at elearning from a broad perspective and discussed the key stages in the development of an online community. During the second part of the presentation Gilly gave some terrific examples of online activities (e-tivities) including practical strategies that ensure maximum student engagement.

Prof Gilly Salmon Presentation 1

Prof Gilly Salmon Presentation 2

GippsTAFE was successful with two projects in the latest round of funding under the National VET E-Learning Strategy. These projects will be conducted during the 2012 – 2013 financial year.

The successful projects are:

Learning for Employment

This project is in the pre-vocational stream and involves the design, delivery and evaluation of an innovative program for 10–15 young learners with disabilities in South Gippsland, Victoria. Participants will develop skills with mobile technologies (iPhones and iPads) and e-portfolios (Mahara) for living and working, gaining credit towards three units in Certificate 1 in Transition Education.

Education Support a Pathway to Teaching

This project is in the pathways to higher qualifications stream. GippsTAFE and Monash University have agreed on a pathway for students who have completed the GippsTAFE Diploma in Education Support that allows them to progress to a degree in primary education at Monash University.

This project will develop a delivery model for the Diploma in Education Support that moves away from traditional paper based workbooks towards innovative technologies such as e-portfolios, mobile technologies, online discussion and reflective blogs.