What makes for a successful e-learning partnership between RTOs and Industry?

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Online development, Projects
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For almost 20 years, Australian governments worked with VET providers to support more flexible learning.  In more recent times the Australian Flexible Learning Framework has been attempting to focus on embedding e-learning which is undertaken in partnership with industry.  To assist with this goal GippsTAFE was commissioned by the Framework to develop a paper considering a range of literature and good practices demonstrated in effective industry sector and business partnerships with RTOs, through Framework funded industry sectors.  It describes expectations that business and industry are likely to have of an RTO partnership.  Practical advice and insights are shared to inform RTOs who are unsure how of to enter an e-learning partnership with industry.

The key findings of the research found that to foster and sustain business e-learning partnerships RTOs need to have an attitude that is highly focused on service to the business, ensuring all communications are answered promptly and fully and by making the effort to build personal relationships with business personnel.  All industry champions interviewed for this paper agreed that respect is earned.  RTOs supporting the currently funded industry sectors have built the respect of the industry sectors and business partners by being action driven, making realistic promises to industry stakeholders and delivering on these promises.  RTOs tangibly demonstrating commitment to, and collaboration with the industry sector, build trust and respect that translates into sustained partnerships.  This may translate to the RTO becoming the provider of choice for the business partners.

This short movie was used as a brief finalle to the presentation.

To view the complete paper click here (.pdf)

To view the presentation online: click here

For more information on AFLF research click here.

  1. Nita Schultz says:


    One of the take home messages for me is the need to be ‘ready’ for the e-learning partnership. All too often we can promise the world to a client without really giving thought to whether we have the talent and resources to deliver NOW. I have spent a lot of time networking to be sure when the moment comes and I say ‘yes’ to the client, I know that at the other end the IT is in place, the teachers and resources are in place and we can deliver a high quality solution. It is also interesting to think that businesses are also giving us the ‘once over’ to check out our credentials. It really does not pay to ‘promise’ unless you can ‘deliver’.

    I would be interested to hear what others think.


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